South Carolina is one of 17 states where more than 20% of its residents receive Social Security benefits. [WaPo]

So far, hundreds of gold and silver coins, jewelry, and gold bars have been found in the 1857 shipwreck of the S.S. Central America off the coast of S.C. [NYT]

After Monday’s ruling in the 4th Circuit Court of Appeals that overturned Virginia’s constitutional ban on gay marriage, South Carolina officials say they’ll continue to fight challenges to a similar constitutional ban in this state, while the Democratic attorney general in North Carolina says his office will drop cases defending the N.C. ban. [NYT, The State, WRAL]


A new NOAA report found a four-fold increase in ‘nuisance flooding’ in Charleston, events where nobody is hurt, but flooding affects roads and buildings, ranking near the top of cities most affected by the nationwide trend. NOAA officials say the pattern shows that: “It is clear that changing climate and weather patterns will cause us to be increasingly inconvenienced and challenged in our everyday lives.” [WaPo]

South Carolina’s annual back-to-school sales tax holiday starts on Friday morning at 12:01am and goes through midnight on Sunday. [Florence Morning News]

A state panel debates today whether the theory of evolution will be taught as any other theory in S.C. public school science classes or if it should be considered alongside other creation theories. [The State]