Cindi Scoppe from The State takes the Columbia legislators to task to close out the year: “And you thought 2013 was a bad year in Washington?” [The State]

More than 3,400 S.C. residents who buy health insurance through a state program didn’t learn that a laptop containing their personal information, including Social Security numbers, was stolen until two months after the fact. The stolen laptop, first reported on a personal blog of a web developer who received notice of the compromise, has not been recovered. [The State, SC Radio]

New U.S. Census data shows that South Carolina is the 11th-fastest growing state in these here United States. [The State]

MUSC has filed suit against AstraZeneca for patent infringement by its drug Crestor, a statin used to treat high cholestorol. [P&C]

A circuit judge denied a motion by The Episcopal Church of South Carolina that sought to have local leaders of the group which departed from the national church last year named in a law suit that alleged a conspiracy to leave, taking church property with them. [P&C]

The Charlotte Knights, which has called Fort Mill home for 24 seasons, officially locked up Knights Castle for the last time on Monday ahead of next season in its new Uptown Charlotte stadium. [Fort Mill Times]

Two New Year’s Eve events in Myrtle Beach and Columbia are competing for the title of ‘Times Square in the South’ tonight as they count down to 2014. Who you got? [WBTW, The State]