Weekend rains dumped a foot of rain on South Carolina, leading to flooding in Charleston and across the coast. But farther inland, Columbia is dealing with catastrophic flooding, in some cases up to rooflines of low-lying houses as rivers flood their banks and water has nowhere to go. Source: The State

The New York Times has a look at how guns used in recent mass shootings were obtained. Despite a history of mental illness, accused Mother Emanuel shooter Dylann Roof was able to buy the Glock pistol said to have been used in the shooting, legally. Source: NYT

The news last week that Charleston state Rep. Chip Limehouse won’t seek re-election could trigger a political fight between Mount Pleasant and Charleston, both in Limehouse’s 68,000 resident district. Source: P&C

The downtown federal courthouse complex was renamed on Friday to honor anti-segregation Judge J. Waties Waring, at the request of former U.S. Sen. Fritz Hollings, for whom the building was originally named. Source: P&C

After Charleston leaders voted to make roadside panhandling more difficult, State Rep. Wendell Gilliard has sent a letter to Gov. Nikki Haley asking her to declare a state of emergency for the state’s homeless, pushing for more money for services and affordable housing. Source: P&C

Charleston Chamber leaders say the push for denser development in the area is in an effort to attract more skilled labor workers and fight urban sprawl. Source: P&C

Turns out the reason you haven’t seen much local hoopla around Boeing’s Star Wars-themed 787 Dreamliner is because of strict guidelines in the licensing agreement between ANA and Disney. Source: P&C

The P&C wrote this weekend that with millions of dollars in donations set to go toward Mother Emanuel AME, some members of the church community are questioning the financial management history of the church’s leader, Rev. Norvel Goff. Source: P&C

The P&C calls the new Gaillard Center, which opens on Friday, Source: P&C