Thomas Ravenel took to Facebook last night to let us all know that he’s calling off the relationship with Kathryn Dennis, the mother of his child and Southern Charm co-star. But then today, after deleting the initial post, he wrote again on Facebook saying that he made a mistake by trashing Dennis, “No father should EVER speak negatively about the mother of his child, period.” [FB]

While in office, even under indictment, you wouldn’t find many voices speaking out against former Speaker Bobby Harrell, but after his resignation last week, even some House Republicans are saying they hope to see “broad change” in the lower chamber. [The State]

Meanwhile, local Democrats and Republicans think they have the law on their side as the state waits to decide on how it will handle filling Harrell’s seat. S.C. Election Commission has yet to render a decision because Harrell’s letter had not yet arrived in the mail. (No, really.) [P&C]

Former CP staff writer Corey Hutchins calls the initial reporting by P&C reporter Renee Dudley that eventually led to the fall of the House of Harrell “a case study on why aggressive statehouse reporting matters.” Dudley had no comment for Hutchins, but she did celebrate her birthday last week, on the day that Harrell pleaded guilty. [Columbia Journalism Review]

The Washington Post issued a general indictment of South Carolina poltiics over the weekend, taking a critical look at the permanent incumbency of the state’s congressional delegation, all nine of whom are up for re-election and none of whom have any real competition. [WaPo]

The parent company of Piggly Wiggly has the OK it needs from shareholders to dissolve what remains of the company over the next few years, selling to New Hampshire C&S Wholesale Grocers for $9.3 million. [P&C]

College of Charleston President Glenn McConnell has yet to move into the school’s presidents house on Glebe St. because of water intrusion that was discovered when ex-Pres. George Benson was moving out. [P&C]

The state’s congressional delegation has not yet heard from the federal Department of Veterans Affairs after sending a letter inquiring about concerns that VA hospitals here and elsewhere have become “pill mills.” [P&C]

The first of a series of reports has been released looking at deaths of children under supervision by the state’s Department of Social Services. [The State]

The State newspaper issued some of its statewide endorsements this weekend, backing Democratic state Sen. Vincent Sheheen for governor over incumbent Gov. Nikki Haley: “South Carolina deserves better. And South Carolina can do better, with Vincent Sheheen.” [The State]