AP Headline: “All of a sudden, SC governor’s race set to have incumbent in 2018

An office move gets a little more complicated when you’re Congressman Joe Wilson, “probably one of the most notorious collectors,” says the P&C. Source: P&C

State archivists are hoping for $200,000 to help restore state constitutions. Source: P&C

$38 million: The total amount the State Ports Authority will net for its Cooper River offices when they’re sold to a California-based hotel developer. Source: P&C

As efforts to revamp Medicare continue, Charleston is one of the test markets for a new approach to cardiac care. Source: AP

From Tent City to I-526, Charleston Mayor John Tecklenburg reflects on his first year in office succeeding Mayor Joe Riley. Source: P&C

A few new state laws went into effect on Jan. 1, 2017, including tweaks to the North-South Carolina border. Source: The State