Republican candidate for governor Catherine Templeton had some interesting things to say yesterday at Christian fundamentalist college Bob Jones University, including that she thinks its important to spell out that her Confederate ancestors didn’t fight to break up the United States because “we had slaves,” but rather because the government “was trying to tell us how to live.” Source: Greenville News

P&C’s Brian Hicks: “Catherine Templeton is not stupid. But she clearly thinks most Republican primary voters are.”

A bill in the S.C. legislature sets out to protect businesses from being sued under nuisance laws if development after the fact establishes more nearby residents after the business is established. Source: P&C

$33 million: The possible cost of a Christmas Day 2017 lottery glitch in S.C. Source: P&C

The City of North Charleston is working toward building the tricounty’s first playground for children with disabilities. Source: P&C

Charleston County is reportedly working to have an historic building torn down along Mosquito Beach, a coastal stretch of James Island known for being a segregation-era recreation area for African-Americans. Preservation advocates are pushing back, fighting the county and applying for federal grants to keep it standing. Source: P&C