As is customary for the week before the Clemson-Carolina game, both schools held their respective remembrances of the others’ mascots yesterday: The Tigerburn in Columbia, and Cocky’s funeral and burn in Clemson. Check out Cocky’s funeral over at or P&C’s Storify for a whole mess of pics from the events. [, YouTube]

Charleston school officialsvoted to move forward with plans to develop a public-private partnership with the operators of Meeting Street Academy, a private school that provides low-income students with free education. [P&C]


State Sen. Lee Bright, who is one of the 4 challengers in the GOP primary against U.S. Sen. Lindsey Graham, will attend a fundraiser in Tulsa, Oklahoma next week that’s being hosted by local 9.12 Group members as “Lindsey Graham’s Retirement Party,” according to a Facebook event. [The State]

Plenty of rain, but not too much of the icy stuff is headed for the Palmetto State today, possibly throwing a wrench in the gears for Thanksgiving travelers as people get out of town for Turkey Day. [AP, P&C]

State insurance officials say a dozen insurance companies leaving the state citing the federal health care overhaul will directly affect about 30,000 South Carolinians, but more than 150,000 will receive notices required to be sent to policyholders under state law when such a change occurs. [The State/AP]