A 14-year old Upstate teen reportedly killed his father before opening fire on Townville Elementary School. The teen was reportedly subdued by local volunteer firefighter Jamie Brock, a longtime veteran of the Townville VFD. Two students and a teacher were wounded during the shooting, but one student and the teacher have been treated and released, but one young student remains in critical condition. Source: G’ville News, NYT

The U.S. House passed the bill authorizing funding for the Charleston Harbor deepening project along with an adjusted appropriation for aid in Flint, Michigan. Congress also managed to pass a continuing resolution ahead of a Friday deadline to avoid another government shutdown. Reps. Clyburn and Wilson were the only members of the S.C. delegation to support the stopgap funding measure. Source: P&C, CNN

Congressman Joe Wilson also proposed a bill that would designate a proposed Medal of Honor memorial at Patriots Point as the official National Medal of Honor Museum. Mark Sanford, who represents the Mount Pleasant area where the museum would be built, is a cosponsor. Source: P&C