The tropical storm previously known as Hurricane Michael is leaving as quickly as it arrived. By Thursday afternoon the weather should be mostly clear. Source: P&C

Although it’s not a catastrophe for us, be careful out there. The weather is far from perfect.
[embed-1] [embed-2] On Wednesday, the state parole board denied the release of Folly Beach killer Richard Valenti, 75, for the twentieth time. Valenti was convicted of killing two teenage girls in 1974, Alexis Latimer and Sherri Clark. Due to state law in the ’70s, Valenti is up for parole every two years. Source: P&C

Jeffrey William Wakefield, accused of being intoxicated when he struck and killed an 11-year-old Danish girl in July, had fentanyl, Benadryl, and Kratom in his system. Kratom is a plant described by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention abused for “its stimulant effects and as an opioid substitute.” Source: P&C