[image-1] When Sen. Lindsey Graham urged the president to be cautious with military intervention in Venezuela, Trump replied: “Well, I’m surprised, you want to invade everybody.” Source: The State

S.C. cops are trying to find a new way to fund their police academy. Revenue from traffic tickets, a large source of funding for the academy, is down as many agencies switch toward “community-oriented policing.” Source: P&C

[embed-1] Nikki Haley’s transition to private citizenship hits a relatable speed bump after she forgets to hit the elevator button. Source: Twitter

Eight months after the Wando River bridge closed and snarled traffic all over Charleston, the state’s Department of Transportation is planning “numerous” repairs for the bridge, starting in the spring. Source: Charleston Business Journal

Count your blessings (in degrees): On Wednesday in Chicago, the temperature with windchill could hit negative 55 degrees due to a polar vortex. Wednesday’s high in Charleston is forecasted to be 50 degrees. There’s no place like home. Source: NYT