Photo by Tatiana Byzova on Unsplash

Trump signs relief bill, narrowly avoiding government shutdown. President Donald Trump signed the $900 billion COVID-19 relief bill Sunday after having blasted the measure as a “disgrace” for its low payments to individuals. Most Americans are now waiting for more information regarding payment dates and methods for the promised $600 stimulus checks. Source: The New York Times

South Carolina historians settle on new flag design. A team of historians in South Carolina have been researching and debating the state’s past flags in search of a new design, and they have reached a verdict. Turns out, not much is actually changing. Source: The Post and Courier

S.C. DNR collecting discarded Christmas trees for artificial reefs. The South Carolina Department of Natural Resources is looking to continue its efforts to attract and protect the state’s fish by building artificial reefs, and residents are being asked to recycle their discarded Christmas trees to lend a helping hand. Source: Associated Press

Pollsters grapple with Graham, Harrison result. A full analysis of where exactly thee breakdown between polling data and the final election day result will take many more months of data collection and dissection to complete. Source: The Post and Courier

Hate crime bill gaining support in S.C. Bipartisan groups of lawmakers are pushing for hate-crime bills in South Carolina as well as Arkansas, two of the last three states in the U.S. without laws that penalize hate crimes separately from other criminal activity. Source: The Wall Street Journal