If a federal judge decides to issue a stay on a state ban on gay marriage, local probate judges would be forced to choose whether to disobey a State Supreme Court mandate barring gay marriage in favor of a federal judge’s order. [P&C]

With zero incumbents unseated from their elected positions on the state or Charleston-area level, political scientists say it’s understandable that voter turnout sits at its lowest level since 1974. [G’ville News, The State]

With Nikki Haley’s 14-point win Tuesday night, speculation grows that her second term as South Carolina governor may just be a stopover on her way to a being a national political figure. [G’ville News, P&C]

After the group making a bid to purchase Charleston School of Law presented before the American Bar Association last month, CSOL remains in limbo until another ABA meeting next month. [P&C]

After approving a $108 million bond referendum to improve Charleston County libraries on Tuesday, communities in Mount Pleasant, North Charleston, Hollywood, and/or Bees Ferry will be the first to get new libraries. [P&C]

A South Carolina apprenticeship program is gaining steam to train workers to fill the skilled worker gap. [NPR]