The campaign of Republican lieutenant governor candidate Henry McMaster rejected the premise of his Democratic opponent Bakari Sellers’ challenge that he resign his membership in a historically all-white Columbia country club, saying it has no policy of racial discrimination. [The State]

Yesterday, 32 states including South Carolina joined to ask federal courts to take up gay marriage cases pending in Virginia, Oklahoma, and Utah. [AP]

Mayor Joe Riley has asked members of City Council to each select a person to serve on a good size committee” to steer the city’s year-long study of more bars and restaurants across downtown. [P&C]

A new campaign ad by Democratic candidate for gov. Vincent Sheheen again knocks Gov. Nikki Haley’s handling of the 2012 Department of Revenue hacking scandal, comparing it to the breach that led to the resignation of Target’s CEO. [YouTube]

The P&C announced yesterday that Haley would participate in at least two debates, both sponsored by the Post and Courier and local TV stations in Charleston (Oct. 14) and the Upstate (Oct 21). An entire slate of debates featuring all the candidates has not yet been determined. [P&C]

With the balance of party power changing by the minute ahead of the November elections, Republicans area again walking a tightrope of embracing, but keeping a safe distance from, hard-right tea party influence. [The State/McClatchy]

Noah Everett, the Charleston-based founder of Twitter photo service Twitpic, says that instead of fighting a trademark challenge by Twitter, it will instead shut down the service. [Twitpic, CRBJ]

Police in Chester and Lancaster Counties announced yesterday that they had three dozen meth producers and dealers in a coordinated efforts codenamed “Fantastic Shakers.” [The State/Rock Hill Herald]

Cover images by S.C. Governor’s Office and USC Upstate via Flickr