President Obama has nominated State Supreme Court Justice Don Beatty of Spartanburg to serve as a federal judge. Beatty’s confirmation later this year would create another vacancy on the Court and remove him from a contested fight to become chief justice just as he was in line to become the most senior member with the retirement of Costa Pleicones later this year. Source: The State

U.S. Sen. Lindsey Graham, who endorsed Jeb Bush’s failed presidential campaign, says he’s “literally running out of adjectives” to criticize Donald Trump. Graham roasted the current lot of GOP contenders at a Beltway press dinner last night saying, “My party has gone batshit crazy.” Source: WaPo, TPM

A Clemson poll released yesterday has Hillary Clinton ahead of Bernie Sanders by 50 points, 64-14 ahead of Saturday’s Democratic presidential primary. Source: G’ville News

There was some question yesterday about how a Edisto Island woman’s trip to the hospital for a stomach illness led to her getting hauled to jail on a bench warrant where she reportedly died from the illness and dehydration, but it turns out that police were tipped off about the warrant by her son, who was trying to get his alcoholic mother help and some time to dry out in jail. P&C reporter Paul Bowers has additional background on the heartbreaking story of Joyce Curnell. Source: P&C

AP headline: “Another week ends with no votes on road funding in S.C. Senate”

Brian Hicks op-ed: “Time for the Senate to get out of the ditch and start driving”