Sean Rayford file photo

U.S. House moves toward punishing Trump, hopes to prevent repeat. Democrats are pressing ahead with efforts to ensure that President Donald Trump’s four-year record of violating democratic and constitutional norms doesn’t go unpunished and cannot be repeated by future political leaders. Many are looking to impeachment and removal, others are looking into ethics codes for presidents. U.S. Rep. Nancy Mace has rejected calls for impeachment. Source: The New York Times

Republican Party is soul searching, but perhaps not closer to home. Political leaders and observers have been quick to wonder what the fallout of the Capitol riots will end up being for the Republican Party that buckled under Trump. Many Republicans jumped ship and voted Biden in order to bring the party back to original holds of economic conservatism, but S.C.’s GOP may not be ready to denounce the sitting President. Source: Charleston City Paper

S.C. legislature feels, looks different, issues look much the same. South Carolina’s 2021 legislative session opens with the COVID-19 pandemic still raging and plenty of issues still looming that were put aside when the pandemic set in last year. Source: Associated Press

Businesses distancing selves from Trump, leaving him with few outlets. Trump had grown used to Twitter giving him a strong, singular outlet for expressing himself and his views unabated. Now, Facebook has banned his profile; Twitter has suspended his account; Parler, the chosen app of the far right, has closed; and the PGA of America has changed its chosen venue from Trump’s New Jersey golf club. Source: The Post and Courier