SCE&G’s parent company and SCANA has cashed in on a $2.2 billion settlement with Toshiba, the owner of Westinghouse, the main contractor on the failed VC Summer project that utility executives said was to blame for the project’s ultimate demise and a 2011 internal Westinghouse report even said the project was ‘at risk.’‘ Source: AP

But SCE&G says it does not want to repay customers for the billions they already paid to bankroll the project that will never be completed, a move that was made possible by a law passed by state politicians to make major infrastructure project financing possible. Source: P&C

P&C editorial on proposals to cut customer payments for the failed nuclear project: “Demand relief for ratepayers”

U.S. Sen. Tim Scott: “I think every man, woman, child should stand for the national anthem.” Source: P&C

A national Quinnipiac poll this week showed that 56 percent of respondents say President Donald Trump is not “fit to serve as president,” with 94 percent of black respondents calling him unfit. 59 percent say he’s dishonest and 61 percent say he does not share their values. Source: Quinnipiac, Politico

Former USC assistant men’s basketball coach Lamont Evans is one of 10 coaches charged in a corruption investigation to bribe players and coaches. Source: P&C

Developers are appealing their case to build a high-end neighborhood on Captain Sam’s Spit to the South Carolina Supreme Court for a fourth time. Source: P&C

Post and Courier Brian Hicks on the North Charleston naval hospital: “Congratulations, Charleston County taxpayers — you’re the proud owners of a 10-story, 1973 vintage hospital.”