Volvo, who is scheduled to start building luxury sedans in Berkeley County by the end of next year, says it will stop making gas-only cars in 2019, adding some kind of “electric propulsion” to all their cars’ drivetrains. Source: The Verge

A North Charleston man who spent more than two years, accused of killing his daughter before being released based on phone records, is suing the City of North Charleston and four officers, saying the case brought him ridicule and hurt his reputation. Source: P&C

U.S. Senator Lindsey Graham and his colleagues, who spent the Fourth with deployed military in Afghanistan, have expressed frustration about continued vacancies in State Department diplomatic posts. Source: NYT

Today, a P&C editorial on the “legislative double standard” of lawmakers pushing background checks for real estate agents, but not tightening rules on gun buyers. Source: P&C

Gov. Henry McMaster tweeted that S.C. voters’ choices must remain secret, the state won’t send voter data requested by a Trump administration commission, including voter partial social security numbers and criminal and military history. Source: P&C


Bald eagles have grown from just 13 mated pairs in S.C. during the 1970s to about 400 mated pairs these days, a conservation success story. Source: The State