The State finds that a quarter of businesses and governments in South Carolina cited for violating state environmental law since 1991 have done so more than once, and some violations are ongoing. In a follow up today, the paper looks at companies owned by Utilities Inc., which have been cited 55 times over the last two decades. [The State]

[image-1]The new generation at the helm of Midlands-based Maurice’s BBQ has quietly stepped back the chain’s political involvement, including removing the Confederate flags from its restaurants. [The State]

CofC officials have met with InfiLaw officials in the past few weeks, but little else is known about plans between the two groups going forward. [P&C]

U.S. Sen. Lindsey Graham says he’ll block “every appointment” in the Senate until he gets more information on the 9/11/12 attacks in Benghazi, Libya. [P&C]

Duke Energy has filed the paperwork to build a natural gas-fired power plant at its Anderson County steam station. [CRBR]

Coastal Carolina Fair officials says they’ve pulled plans to host the Vortex ride, which reportedly malfunctioned at the North Carolina State Fair, injuring 5, at the Ladson-based fair which starts this week. [P&C]

Jim DeMint, who left the U.S. Senate last year, has since transformed the Heritage Institute, once the philosophic gold standard for D.C. conservatives, into an aggressive, politically active group through its PAC. [P&C]

The State’s Buzz column looks back at the stories chronicled by Lee Bandy, who defined the political landscape for decades, after his passing last week. [The State]

PeopleMatter is set to expand into the space across the former CitiTrends space across the street from their King Street HQ. [P&C]