Matthew continues to spin its way north from the Caribbean today, making landfall in in Haiti today, heading toward Cuba. Weather experts are advising residents along the East Coast to make sure they have a severe weather plan in place, prepare, and to continue to follow periodic weather updates. If the current forecast holds, Matthew would approach the S.C. coast early Saturday morning. Source: @ChsWX, National Hurricane Center

Myrtle Beach Sun News columnist Issac Bailey, for CNN: ‘Trump is embodiment of why inequality matters’

“The reality is that Trump is the embodiment of why inequality has remained such a pressing matter for the past few decades. There’s no shame in being born into wealth, but there should be shame when your life’s goal seems to be only enriching yourself further, no matter how your actions affect those who are less fortunate.”

State Infrastructure Bank board chairman Vince Graham said in a 27-page letter that it appears the state will pull out of the I-526 project. Source: Live 5

Vice Presidential candidates Tim Kaine and Mike Pence will square off in the only VP debate at 9pm tonight from Longwood University in Farmville, Va. Source: NYT

Green Party candidate Jill Stein will visit Columbia today for an event at 3pm. Source: The State

Russia has withdrawn from a long-standing agreement to ship nuclear-grade plutonium to S.C. for storage and destruction at the Savannah River Site’s MOX facility. Source: McClatchy, P&C

The Citadel is planning to start construction on its new School of Business, which will be the first new academic building on campus since 1974. Source: CRBJ