[image-1]As U.S. Sen. Lindsey Graham continues to call for American intervention in Syria, an unusual coalition of war hawks and doves from both sides of the aisle appear to by lining up to oppose the president’s appeal to Congress ahead of possible military action. [Buzzfeed]

CNN’s Peter Hamby profiles Graham’s bid for re-election, asking “Who can beat Lindsey Graham.” Hamby, who calls challengers Nancy Mace, Lee Bright, and Richard Cash “a trio of unpolished, lower-tier candidates” who are long shots against the veteran Graham, who’s become a fixture on the Sunday morning media circuit, as the P&C examines. [CNN, P&C]

Dusten Brown, the biological father with whom “Baby Veronica” has lived for the past 18 months, appealed an Oklahoma district court ruling Friday to the state’s supreme court. The appeal is the latest development in the Veronica case now working its way through the Oklahoma system with parties on both sides under orders not to discuss the case. [WaPo/AP]

The P&C takes a look back a year after millions of taxpayers’ personal information was stolen from a state Department of Revenue server in August 2012. [P&C]

HEADLINE: “Sen. Graham, Weinermobile at Labor Day Parade” [AP]

I gotta feeling that some people might’ve been left scratching their heads when Tom Petty and Fleetwood Mac played at Gov. Nikki Haley’s re-election announcement last week. Rob Godfrey on questions about playing songs previously associated with Democratic events: “For most people, including Nikki, music isn’t political.” [The State]

Boeing announced on Friday that it had chosen North Charleston as the site for a new factory that will design and build engine inlet components for the new 737 MAX jet—the company’s first investment in the area not tied to the Dreamliner. [P&C]