Want to buy a turn-key restaurant with an art deco Miami feel complete with a flamingo mural? Look no further than Coleman Boulevard. The Americano Owner John Adamson has put his Americano (819 Coleman Blvd.) restaurant up for sale on Craigslist.

Adamson, who also owns The Rarebit, says that three years after opening, he’s reevaluating his options with the space. “It is available for sale but if no one buys it, I have plans to relaunch it in the very near future,” Adamson says.

The vibrant Cuban restaurant has had its ups and downs since openings three years ago. There were initial chef shake-ups before Chef Nathan Thurston was brought in to consult on the project and right the ship, which he successfully did. But staffing issues continue to be a struggle.

“I could have never guessed that in three or four years, that as many restaurants would have opened. The cannibalism just doesn’t make any sense,” he says.

So it’s time to try something new. The restaurant business, complete with use of The Americano name, is for sale for $650,000. The Craigslist ad lists rent for the 3,477-square-foot as $4,500 per month plus taxes and insurance.  [image-3] [location-1]