Roanoke Times (VA), 12/31/2007

Art deserves better than a swine culture

“One item of prime importance to city leaders is tapping a uniform, predictable funding stream for arts and culture. Roanoke already sets aside some local funds, but city officials and arts boosters hope that with dedicated state funding, they would no longer need to trek to Richmond, hat-in- hand, begging for money. So city officials came up with a plan: Allow Roanoke to retain a tiny fraction of its sales tax for the arts. In exchange, the city would promise not to ask for anything more.”

Shreveport Times, 01/2/2008

Arts in schools offer more than make-believe

A Shreveport Times editorial celebrates Louisiana’s new arts education requirements, saying that recent research shows “improved reading and math scores by students involved in a whole school arts-in-education model that places the arts at the core of the curriculum. That’s in addition to the significant gains that would be expected in creative thinking, appreciation for the arts and self-esteem.”