New Yorkers are known for being harsh critics, especially when it comes to their favorite donut shaped bread, the bagel. So, who better to open up the Bagel Shop than two New York natives? Octavio Valenzuela and Sinan Aktar have come to Charleston in the pursuit of filling the local bagel void.

Learning how to cook bagels from Jewish bagel shop owners in New Jersey, Valenzuela says the difference between their bagels and others around town is the way they cook the dough, “Nobody cooks the old-fashioned way anymore. We kettle boil our bagels. This way, you get a crisper outside and chewy inside, instead of just bread,” explains Valenzuela.

The Bagel Shop offers more than the beloved holey bread. Customers can order sandwiches, espresso and coffee drinks, and pastries baked in-house by French pastry chef, Ricahrd Lemme. The shop is also vegan friendly, carrying things like tofu cream cheese and hummus.

The best time to stop by for a bagel is in the morning when they’re fresh out of the kettle. “I would boil them twice a day, but we need to sell more in the morning before making another batch.”

As for their New Yorkness, they’ve got some work to do cause these guys aren’t so harsh.