As if any of us needed another excuse to drink, it’s Charleston Beer Week, y’all. For its fifth year, the eight day brew hop has expanded to 42 events and damn if there isn’t something for everyone. Even for your super crunchy, Teva-wearing neighbor who prefers sleeping outdoors to a Serta mattress. Hopefully they already snagged tickets to the sold out Sunset Paddle & Lowcountry Boil at Bowens Island Restaurant with Holy City Brewing. For the rest of us, there are still plenty of a la carte drop in events to attend. Personally, I’m checking out Charles Towne Fermentory’s There Will Be Hops. Having grown up in the hop capital of America, Yakima, Wa., nothing makes me feel more at home than that skunky IPA smell. Of course IPAs are so passé. All the cool kids are drinking sours now, and for that our Senior Sour Correspondent Connelly Hardaway has the 411. Read her article “Pucker Up” in this week’s issue. —Kinsey Gidick