Is craft beer the most ubiquitous locally produced commodity? I think it might be. We’ve somehow made it easier to find local beer than local eggs, milk, and other items we actually need to live to see another day in this flip turned upside-down world. So for me, as a beer drinker, buying products from local breweries is one of the easiest ways I can ‘buy local.’ (In addition, of course, to shopping farmers markets and supporting local businesses, shops, and restaurants.) It helps that new breweries are popping up in every neighborhood these days and producing some of the best beers you never knew you would end up craving. There’s really no good reason not to buy local beer. Don’t believe me? Well, give this week’s Beer Issue a read. Coinciding with Charleston Beer Week (, you’ll meet some of the friendly folks behind your favorite local beers and maybe get a new appreciation for the work that goes into making them. Cheers. —Sam Spence