Christmas is already invading my weekend calendar, so I missed out on the President Clinton/ Oprah weekend here in the state.

The State gives the highlights on Oprah’s stump speech.

“Dr. King dreamed the dream, but we don’t have to dream the dream anymore,” Oprah told the crowd. “We get to vote that dream into office.”

Ana Marie Cox has a story on Obama’s weekend over at Time.

Pundits have focused on whether or not Oprah’s presence on the campaign trail will bring Obama more voters, but the four rallies Opr-ama did over the weekend were not intended to change people’s minds. They were about creating the kind of audacious political theater that makes supporters believe they’re going to win, and casual observers into interested ones.

Politico reported that Obama supporters of varying degrees in Charleston were getting calls from the Columbia event.


And, apparently, John Edwards supporters aren’t fans.

“We welcome Oprah to South Carolina, but people in South Carolina are dealing with real issues, like poverty, lack of health care, mill closings, a 50-percent high school dropout rate, and we think people will vote for John Edwards’s policies over Barack Obama’s friends,” Ms. Wells said.