The New York Times has a piece on former President Bill Clinton’s weekend in Charleston. Some sources tell me they met Clinton as he was heading out of High Cotton late Saturday night after dinner.

Bill spent most of his trip focusing less on star power and rallying and more on policy and laying out Hillary’s health care plans.

He did not compare her health plan to those of her rivals, nor did he mention those rivals except to say that he was excited about the campaign because it featured not only a woman but “a really good African-American” and an Hispanic-American governor. He went on to note that women have been elected to head India, Pakistan, Germany, Argentina and Chile, and “America shouldn’t be behind anybody.”

And here’s the New York Times-turned-Gawker report on Clinton’s stop by the Market.

Mr. Clinton just finished up a crowd-crushing visit to an open-air market in downtown Charleston. He shook so many hands, and stopped to have his picture taken so often, that it took him almost an hour and a half to move just one block.

“Eat your heart out, Oprah,” a supporter said into his cell phone as the former president alit from his motorcade and several well-wishers swarmed around him.

Mr. Clinton did not give a speech at the market but did a little shopping (two purses, one blue, one brown) and just pressed the flesh.