[image-1] Like my therapist is always saying, “It’s ok to be angry sometimes.” As long as you’re dealing with it in a constructive and healthy manner, it doesn’t matter that someone cut you off in traffic, deadlines are stressful, S.C. ranked last in education, your hand cramps from typing, and your roommate drank your coffee this morning.

Does anyone else want to break some stuff without fear of vandalism charges? Cool, because the Break Room, a business that offers a safe place to demolish a bunch of shit, will open in West Ashley on Sept. 3.

“The Break Room can be thought of as hands on anger therapy, but the fun kind,” says Cole Wadsten, creator of this new rage room. “There’s something magical and freeing about intentionally breaking things that don’t belong to you and knowing you can’t get in trouble, not to mention not having to clean up afterwards.”

Basically, you pay to get into a room, put on safety gear, grab your heavy blunt object of choice, and break everything.

“It’s more of a stress-release kind of thing,” says Laura Carson, a representative of the new business.

“Smashing sessions” are booked in 15- and 30-minute increments, with all the tools of destruction offered by the Break Room. Videotaping is allowed, and hourly rates are available for music videos, commercials, and films.

The Break Room will be located at 1947 Belgrade Ave. in West Ashley.