First of all, they’ve got good food. Second of all, they’re giving it away for free. That’s right. The Buccaneer is giving away food for free on Tuesday evenings. The catch is you have to be a kid and you have to be wearing a soccer jersey, and kids wearing soccer jerseys this time of year are rather prevalent since all the local clubs are kicking off their seasons.

It’s a solid promotion, because I have a feeling that once local families get a taste of the Buccaneer they’ll want to make it a regular stop. The prices aren’t extravagant. Indeed, the newly revamped menu is pretty affordable, if you stick to burgers, salads, and appetizers and stay away from the surf and turf. Actually, that’s what makes the menu rather nice. You can splurge or you can scrimp, but you’ll end up with a good dinner regardless. Unfortunately, the kids menu is a bit uninspired like pizza, chicken fingers, mac and cheese, and fried shrimp. But, hey, it’s free and kids like chicken fingers, so what have you got to lose.

We stopped by for lunch last week and were impressed with the fried green tomato fries, a cute twist on a Southern staple. They’ve also added a healthy selection of craft beers to the taps for the soccer-loving limeys out there, and they still have the biggest collection of pirate booty you’ve seen since embarking on the Pirates of the Caribbean ride at the Magic Kingdom.