[image-1] The Camellias, a North Charleston folk duo, released their third album, Fear, on May 14. The album’s five tracks of “ragged folk songs for hard modern times” based on the simple formula of guitar, vocals and drums.

“Minor Prophet” is a subtle song that shifts into a driving and simple folk-punk tune. “Sans Serriffe,” a reverberating acoustic surf song, picks things up and gives a taste of the band’s various influences.

Imagine the Violent Femmes after reading Wise Blood — you’d be close to the sound of the Camellias.

“I wrote all of these in the last couple of years when major themes in my life included parenting, depression, and anxiety,” said songwriter Paul Bowers, the band’s guitarist and a former City Paper staff writer.

Album closers “Noonday Demon” and “Child” touch on these themes interacting with each other for a portrait of day-to-day life.

The Camellias’ latest continues a line of folk albums, dating back to their self-titled debut in 2014. Fear feels the most genuine out of the three, forgoing many traditional folk sounds for a straightforward EP that’s both listenable and intriguing.