2f79/1240580623-charlestonbuzz.logo.jpg Amy Hutto and Toker are going digital. The former hosts of local station 98X’s long-running, weekly local music show “Local X” recently announced plans to launch their own local music podcast called the Charleston Buzz. The commercial-free, uncensored rock-based program debuts on Sat. May 10 at www.thecharlestonbuzz.com.

“Local X” was cancelled in January after Amy and Toker (among other staffers) were laid-off due to budget restraints.

“It’s way it should have always been,” they say. “Getting back to the roots of it … being about the bands, the town, the people.”

The two hosts were dedicated supporters of local rock bands and venues over the years. They tried to shine the spotlight on up-and-coming bands who may have never received airplay or acknowledgement from commercial radio at all. They’ll surely get back into the groove soon.