We’ve always thought life would be just a little better if transvestites roamed the streets of Charleston. Well, Saturday night at the Chart in Park Circle, our dream kind of came true. The Chart doesn’t have drag shows too often, maybe a few times a year, so we’re glad we didn’t miss this one.

The show was hosted by Celina Drake, the current reigning Miss Charleston Pride. Drake performed a number of songs along with her associates, both drag kings and queens. Each diva and divo took the stage and lip synced a song, from pop hits to power ballads to Lady Antebellum. They wore tiaras and sequined gowns, faux facial hair and penciled-in eyebrows. Of all the songs, the crowd favorite seemed to be Pink’s “Raise Your Glass,” as people cheered their beers for “being wrong in all the right ways.”

Toward the end of the show, performances got hot, quite literally. One DQ took torches on stage and lit the club floor on fire. It was a stunt, of course, as the headline of this story does not read, “The Chart goes up in flames.” One bold move following another, she finished her number by sticking the torches in her mouth to extinguish the flame. She was fearless and fabulous.

A dance party broke out after the drag show ended, and we’re going to venture to guess it was the best in town that night. Because if a fire on the bar floor doesn’t get you rowdy, there’s just not much hope for you.