This weekend is launching weekend for City Gallery’s ConNECKted: Imaginings for Truth & Reconciliation exhibition, which means that all of the installation’s pieces must go either as gifts, exchanges, or donations. Launching weekend starts on Saturday with talks at the gallery, and an opportunity to see the installation one last time. On Sunday from 12-5 p.m. take part in the “launch” of the installation’s items, led by director of Columbia S.C.’s 701 Contemporary Art Center Wim Roefs.

ConNECKted: Imaginings for Truth & Reconciliation, presented by Charleston’s Rhizome Collective, is a collaborative exhibit gathered over almost three years and featuring a wide variety of mediums that explore ideas of place and identity on Charleston’s peninsula.

In an interview with City Paper last month, Jean-Marie Mauclet said, “We don’t live in a consensus, we all have our specialties, we meet in the middle, and that’s what you get. What we hope is that the visuals will give people a boost, a direction to move. The thing is conceived to be developing, finding its core in the course of the five weeks. This is not an answer to anything. We have chosen formats for dialogues that are not trying to convince anyone.” Read the full article here.