There’s a for lease sign now on the side of City Paper‘s building. Yep, after 10 years at 1049 Morrison Drive, our sign came down Tuesday morning. But lest you think we’re closing up shop for good, forget it.

You can’t get rid of us that easy.


Rather, we’re packing up and moving less than a mile away to an old church, of all places, right next to Rutledge Cab Co. at 1316 Rutledge Ave. We’ve already told Dustin Waters that he’ll have to sit in the baptismal font and we expect the rest of the editorial staff to ignite upon entrance. But if by some heavenly intercession we do happen to avoid immediate damnation at our new digs, you can expect the same snarky and insightful stories you’ve come to expect from CP.

Stories like this week’s feature from Robert Moss all about how our North Morrison home, NoMo to you haters, has become something totally different than the dilapidated neighborhood CP moved into more than a decade ago — a little place we’ve been calling the Meathacking District.