In putting together our Dish dining guide, it seems we always unintentionally leave a deserving venue out of the listings. This time around it was the Cocktail Club, a favorite place for fantastic drinks. While we can’t go back and reprint the Dish, we can rectify it online. (Thank the internets!)

Here’s Robert Moss’ take:

The Cocktail Club
Cocktail Bar
Downtown. 479 King St.
Serving: 5 pm – 2 am Daily

The Cocktail Club occupies the second floor above its sister restaurant, the Macintosh. Taking a touch of inspiration from the old speakeasy days, the big room has an appealing blend of the rustic and the sophisticated, invoking a nightclub improvised in a Prohibition-era warehouse. But, there are no bathtub gin martinis here. The cocktails have plenty of contemporary farm-to-shaker influences, employing beet juice and sweet potato puree along with an array of liquors infused with everything from black and red peppercorns to blueberries and thyme. Spicy, floral, creamy, smoky: the flavors are always fresh and inventive, making this a club very worth joining. —Robert Moss