Starting Tues. Jan. 6, The Daily will begin serving an early dinner service starting at 3 p.m. and going until 7 p.m., Mon.-Fri. That’s the word from The Daily and Butcher & Bee event manager Randi Weinstein. The new dinner option, which The Daily is calling PM Service, will offer guests “a rotating menu of lighter, vegetarian dishes,” says Weinstein. “The idea behind this is to attract people who are looking for a late lunch or are on their way home from work. If you are looking for a meal during these hours that is quick, accessible, and reasonably priced you now have an alternative besides fast food, pizza, Chinese take-out, etc.”

The menu will consist of toast options, fresh made salads, and entree bowls with a variety of different combinations of vegetables, grains, beans, seeds, nuts, fresh herbs, and lighter sauces. “Tons of olive oil. Very little butter. No bacon fat. Fresh, simple, light, and clean,” adds Weinstein. “We want to keep the food very to-go friendly, things that will hold well on the drive home.”

In addition, The Daily also will be offering some upcoming cooking classes. On Jan. 21 the cafe hosts a healthy eating class ($45), Jan. 28 offers a breaking down chicken and utilization of all parts course ($45), and on Feb. 11 people can attend a cooking for lovers class which comes complete with wine pairings ($60).

To sign up for a class, contact Nayda at or