Here’s the wrap:

• Rosie exits The View early after yelling at the pregnant woman. Walters says she’ll replace her with both Al Sharpton and Imus.

Al-Sadr is back and he wants us out of the Iraq. Good luck, buddy.

• The American people support immigration reform, thereby insuring it’ll never happen.

• Ah, the good news from the leader of a beaten satellite radio company: “We suck less.”

Time looks at the big Star Wars bash. It turned 30 today.

Those in touch with their dark sides rushed exhibits of tortured druids on a rack, Luke Skywalker’s severed head and the Princess Leia slave costume, a fetching metal bikini that says, “Eat your heart out, Jabba the Hutt.”

• The Goodwill worker who found the $5,000 in the pajama pants and got a measly gift certificate will get to keep the money after all.