Just because someone might be undead doesn’t necessarily mean that they’ve lost their philanthropic spirit. Heck, maybe it’s the charitable soul inside of them that brought them back from their eternal slumber in the first place?

On Sunday afternoon, Charleston’s dead will rise for the first ever Charleston Zombie Walk. Sponsored by CreatureBoy (otherwise known as actor Brian Steele), participants — whether living or not — will start their walk at Marion Square and make their way in a loop through downtown, munching on human flesh along the way. Because they are zombies, they probably won’t be moving too fast.

Hopefully the zombies were buried with their cash-filled wallets, since the event costs $5. Proceeds benefit MUSC’s Pulmonary Hypertension Program, and a wristband will get you into the official after-party held at Market Street Saloon.

George Romero would be proud.