The Post and Courier published their annual Restaurant Guide this week, and I tried accessing it from my iPhone while eating lunch at Yo Burrito (mahi mahi salad) on Wednesday. What a convoluted nightmare that was. It’s a useless interface — so goofy.

The ads will talk to you if you hit the speech button. Why anyone besides the advertiser would ever push that button is beyond me. I’m trying to access it again, but can’t seem to find it.

Ah, there it is. The restaurant guide is delivered in a different format from the regular paper’s contents, using a product from a company named, ominously, And the biggest drawback is that the ads are listed as if they’re articles. The very first headline you read in the list: “The Crab Shacks; The finest seafood in Charleston, and the most fun.” The Travel Masters


It’s also a mess. I wonder if any of the editors or writers have looked at this thing. Or, I should say, looked at it and thought, “Hey, why don’t we write these headlines and present this information in such a way that it makes sense online?” Guess not. Looks like they’re still chasing that dream of replicating the newspaper exactly as it is in print online.

On to my point — as expressed in the catchy headline of this online post — the Woodlands as the restaurant of the year? Really? Seems like a boring and safe choice. And it also seems woefully out of touch with reality. The picture of the caesar salad itself is enough for people to laugh out loud at. We’re holed up in our houses, cooking Hamburger Helper, burying our money in coffee cans out back. When we go out for that big splurge, do you think we’re going to head up to the Woodlands for a deconstructed Caesar salad? Doubt it.

The food in the pictures is beautiful and artfully composed and I know it tastes as extravagant as it looks — but it reeks of the pre-meltdown good times. Looks like something Bernie Madoff would eat.

#End of rant