Yeah, it’s a crying shame that Cumberlands is gone, Grannie’s Goodies too. Want to know what might be taking their place? The Post and Courier has a pretty good idea.

Speaking of the above mentioned store, here’s a funny tale involving a disgruntled sales clerk, a woman who wouldn’t take no shiznit, and some much needed ice cream.

Finally somebody speaks a little truth about MRSA, that nasty ole antibiotic resistant bug that it seems like every school kid is catching these days. Here’s what DHEC’s Robert Ball told the P&C:

With an average daily population of 300 inmates, eight cases would not be unusual, said Dr. Robert Ball, an infectious disease expert with DHEC’s Charleston office. An outbreak is when the infection spreads from one person to another, and there was no evidence of that, he said.

“People have just gone crazy trying to make a big deal out of MRSA,” Ball said.

ABC News 4 gets on the Heath Ledger exploitation wagon with this report.

A tale of two reports: Both WCBD-TV 2 and ABC 4 ran reports on the new Mt. Pleasant initiative to bring down car break-ins by 80 percent.

ABC 4 treats the MPD’s new effort in all of its overly dramatic press conference glory with a rather appropriate amount of humor — after all, were dealing an initiative to encourage folks to lock their car doors and to not leave their keys in the ignition. (Seriously, that’s all.) Kudos to ABC 4 reporter Dave Williams for having the comedic courage to come forward and admit that somebody stole an estimated $3.50 in change from his car.

As for WCBD-TV 2, well, they take a far more straight faced approach. Why so serious?

Bonus points for spotting the little exchange between the MT. P resident and the cop that’s in both segments. It’s deja vu all over again.