[image-1][image-12] Calling all downtown dirty dog owners: a self-serve dog wash, grooming, and retail pet boutique has opened on Line Street.

Whether your Golden has rolled in marsh mud, or your hound has chased a squirrel through three-day old puddles of standing water, or your pit mix has stepped ever so carefully into errant sidewalk remains, there’s always something pooches can get into downtown. And now, thanks to owner Carrie Montgomery, right down the street you’ll find a place where you can wash all those smelly, sticky, nasty worries away.

The recently opened Dog Wash caters to any kind of owner — the self-serve option ($25) is a blessing for when you have a little extra time and your pup isn’t a huge fan of strangers, and the drop and go ($50) is perfect for when you’re pressed for time and you need to leave your pooch in safe hands.

[image-10] Now, pricing sounds a little steep, especially if you, like us, accidentally spend $25 a week on dog toys because your dog looks at you just so … but the convenience of a downtown location makes up for it.

If your dog has a big day coming up (we’re looking at you, ring-bearer pups of the world) Leigh Riddle, professional groomer, is onsite to help with hair and nail trimming, bathing, drying, and, of course, affixing your pooch with a bow tie. 

And, if you just want to stop by for a friendly visit on your daily walk around town, the store sells collars, leashes, bandanas, and treats.