The local indie-rock/art-punk band L Brown Odyssey is finishing up a new mini-album and rehearsing with a new guitarist in the lineup.

Singer/guitarist Daniel Bennett, bassist/keyboardist Khalid Smalls, drummer Jordan Herschaft, and guitarist Josh Muckenfuss booked time at Ocean Industries last summer and started laying down basic tracks on analog tape.

“We went in with the intentions of recording a few songs,” says Bennett. “Being a true purest of the analog heart, I talked them into bringing a two inch tape machine out of retirement, which proved to be a task of sorts. It took every bit of a solid week to track, and so we left with a bunch of raw material to sit on for a few months.”

The band decided to mix the tracks themselves at their home studio on Johns Island. In the meantime, Muckenfuss relocated to Atlanta (for a new job), and the band welcomed young guitarist Ryan Holderfield, a student at the Art Institute of Charleston, as his replacement.

“Ryan has brilliant sense of melody and makes a good fit,” says Bennett. Look for the final mixes on an EP this fall. L Brown Odyssey performs at Big Gun Burger Shop on Sat. Oct. 1.

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