A handful of local musicians performed at the 22nd annual Dog Party on Johns Island. Officially billed as the Notorious D.O.G. End-of-Summer Bash 2010, it was an all-day/all-night get-together at a spacious private residence hosted by local artist and graphic designer Gil Shuler and the “sample the dog gang.”
Palmetto Brewing Co. had three taps flowing from a beer truck. Jack’s Cosmic Dogs served from a big menu. Local sound guy Andrew Higdon had a nice stage with a full PA set up in the barn.

I caught a jazzy/bohemian set from Bill Carson and Nathan Koci (both of the Garage Cuban Band … they had a busy weekend), and got to hang out with the fellas from A Fragile Tomorrow and Hazel Ketchum and John Holenko of Hungry Monk Music before playing with Doug Walters through a set of our own (as the FGMs). The highlight of the evening was an out-of-the-blue surprise reunion set from local band the Ferns — a jangly pop-rock quartet who did their thing in the mid and late ’90s.

Lead singer/guitarist Tim Kane, guitarist Chris Metts, and bassist Richard Hussey welcomed guest drummer Tommy Hamer (of the Fire Apes) on stage and blasted through their old material for the first time in public in over 12 years. They sounded pretty damn tight for a rusty bunch of old bandmates. Hamer sounded like Bill Berry doing a Bun E. Carlos impression at a Dinosaur Jr. gig.

“One of our first gigs was also at the dog party,” Metts said afterward. “Gil made our logo way back then, and we played to return the favor. We thought this party would be the perfect situation to get back to playing.”

The Ferns plan to perform again in town this fall. Stay tuned.