We noticed from day one there’s a lot of death during Spoleto this year (on stage only, we’re glad to say).

Here is the toll so far:

The opera Matzukaze has one dead poet and two dead sisters. (3)

The double-bill of operas Mese Mariano and Le Villi is scattered with bodies and haunted by ghosts. There’s a dead child, a girl dying from a broken heart, a suicide, and a dozen ghosts of other broken-hearted dead girls. (16 or so)

Mayday, Mayday contains a near-death experience. (0)

The play within a play in A Midsummer Night’s Dream has two suicides. (2)

There’s a suicide in the play Clybourne Park. (2)

The Rite of Spring, celebrated with a 100th anniversary concert, centers on the sacrifice of a girl to the gods of spring in the original Rite. (1)

Franz Schubert died just after completing his String Quarter in C major, one of the greatest chamber works ever, and Claude Debussy planned to write six sonatas but only made it through three, including one for cello and piano, before he died. Both these works were part of the chamber music series. (2)

Someone is killed in the movie Gaslight on which The Better Half by Lucky Plush is based. (1)

Rosanne Cash’s concert includes one song with a murder and execution by hanging and another with a suicide. (3)

And with Requiem, Oedipus, and Bullet Catch, we’re not done counting at 30. And we know this is not in good taste, but it is perceptive.