Here’s my final rankings in theater, musical theater, opera, and dance for this year’s Spoleto. You’ll notice three of these are Piccolo events, one of which is comedy. Remember this is entirely subjective.

1. Between the Devil and the Deep Blue Sea

2. Low Tide Hotel (yes, this is a Piccolo Spoleto performance)

3. The Great War by Hotel Modern

4. Amistad

5. Monkey: Journey to the West

6. Donna Uchizono Company (dance)

7. the break/s by Marc Bamuthi Joseph

8. The Cody Rivers Show (Piccolo)

9. The Be(a)st of Taylor Mac

10. The Burial at Thebes by the Nottingham Playhouse

11. Heddy Maalem’s The Rite of Spring

12. Shantala Shivalingappa

13. Cloud Tectonics (Piccolo)

14. La Cenerentola

15. Ballet Du Grand Theatre De Geneve

16. Boston Ballet

17. Laurie Anderson’s Homeland