I hope this puts to rest any further argument about where Barack Obama was born and whether he is qualified to be President of the United States. But, of course, it won’t. The wackos who keep this rumor going inhabit some alternative, fact-free universe and cannot be persuaded by evidence and argument as they are known in this universe. But for the rest of us, there is this funny and thoughtful piece from the Huffington Post. Read and enjoy.

Barack Obama’s birthday is tomorrow (or is it?) and in the spirit of gift giving, I’ve got something for the 28% of Republicans who don’t believe Obama was born in America: An invitation to common ground.

Here’s the first place we can agree: It would be nice if the president would ask Hawaii to release his original, long form birth certificate.

There are all kinds of perfectly good moral, legal and political reasons why he shouldn’t, but, frankly, I’m still tuckered out from all the perfectly good moral, legal and political reasons Hillary Clinton wouldn’t release the Rose Law Firm billing records.

I’m not going through that hell again.