[image-1]There are a number of ways to get in the mood for St. Patrick’s day, including but not limited to: green beer, Shamrock-patterned pants, and Celtic music. Yep, Celtic music makes the list, because while it doesn’t always blast at your typical St. Patty’s party, it’s one of the more authentic ways to celebrate the holiday.

And you can catch some of the good music yourself on Thurs. March 9 at the Charleston Library Society with a performance from the Good Foot Band. The concert kicks off at 9 p.m. and tickets are $30 for nonmembers and $20 for members.

The Good Foot band is based in Charleston and performs lively Celtic music, ranging from the quirky — think power ballads — to the classic, with music played on the fiddle, flute, banjo, guitar, and bodhran (an Irish frame drum). Comprised of Karin McQuade, Susan Conant, and Bart Saylor, the group is named after an Oklahoma expression — “looks like you’re dancin’ on your good foot.” Learn more about the group here.