My grandfather was a cop. And for a brief time in my life, I thought about joining the force. But I didn’t. And it was for the same reason I ultimately decided I didn’t want to go into the service — Beer.

That’s not saying that cops and other men in uniform don’t do their fair amount of drinking. Anybody who has ever partied with a member of the armed forces knows that’s not true.

But you really can’t be your beery best unless you break free from discipline.

Who says I have to be at work on time? Beer doesn’t. Who says I have to study for that test? Not beer. Who says that it’s a bad idea to sleep with your best friend’s girl? Beer looks the other way. And thankfully so. That’s how memories get made, baby. And babies sometimes too, I suppose. Sorry ’bout that. It wasn’t me; it was beer.

All in all, I think I made a good decision when I decided that a career in uniform was not the life for me.

Now I wonder if the proud men and women serving in the Colleton County Sheriff’s Department are wondering if they made the right career choice. See, Colleton County Sheriff George Malone has let it be know that if a member of the department frequents a bar or club, well, they could be fired, according to a Post and Courier report:

Malone said a deputy is never really off duty. If a deputy is drinking at a club when an incident occurs, it not only makes the department look bad, he said, but also could lead to problems.

“How can you be expected to go to these places and make arrests and try to catch people for DUI, when we’re out there doing the same things?” Malone said.

According to the P&C, the policy has apparently been on the books since 2006.

Beer is amused.