This is to the brother in the light green Lexus on late Sunday morning in Hamton park who failed to understand that when two people are riding bikes and taking the left hand turn nearest the Citadel entrance YOU DO NOT HAVE THE RIGHT TO RUN THEM OVER!!
I don’t care if you own a Lexus, I don’t give a shit whether or not you were going to or coming from meeting up with Jesus, I don’t care how damn bug a rush you were in going where ever.
We had the right of way and all you had to do was wait two stinking seconds to let us clear the turn and we could have all been on our merry way. BUT NOOOOO…that was just so beneath you to have to wait for a couple of whities on bikes to get out of your precious way.
TWO SECONDS!! That’s it! But no, it made more sense to you to come within 6 inches of running our asses over so you could go see JC or whatever other mindless pursuit you had in planned for the rest of your day.
Instead of reading religious rhetoric day in and day out and patting your self on the back with your self righteous arrogance, all the while failing miserably to recognize your flagrant hypocrisy, you might want to read the driver’s hand book and learn the rules of the road!
Yes, the rules of the road. The ones I told you you should read and you in your infinite mental acuity replied, “What rules?”
I guess your reply explains all the aforementioned ignorance on your behalf.
Enough said.