The Griffon Facebook

A sign of what post-coronavirus Charleston will look like: The Griffon posted on Facebook that they were taking down some of the dollar bills on their walls to support their furloughed staff. The bills autographed by customers marking first dates, inside jokes, anniversaries, parties, and holidays, will go to a good cause. "If your bill is taken down please take comfort that it has been used to help someone in need," read a post Friday on the bar's Facebook page.

The bar's trademark dollar-bill wallpaper already donates some fallen bills to charity according to an older Facebook post. If you want to know what you can do to help: "The best thing you can do for us is keep social distancing until we can get this mess under control. We’re gonna need you to help re-fill these old walls when it’s safe to do so."

You have plenty of time to practice for your next Irish Car Bomb race and get your bill design ready – if you stay home.